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Ontario residents are suffering under what is surely the most arrogant and paternalistic government in the province's history. Liberal's only response to a problem seems to be to legislate a ban. What will the Ontario Liberals ban next?

Liberal's plan to ban semi-autos go the way of the carbon tax? I doubt it. Gun bans are widely supported by rank and file Liberals.         

Support the Bruce Montague C-68 challenge.

Help to enable legal action against the latest RCMP's ban of 10/22 over 10rnds magazines

ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO - The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), representing recreational firearms owners, has joined with the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA), representing firearms business owners, to empower legal action against the recent decision by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Firearms Program to prohibit several brands of imported 10/22 extended capacity rifle magazines.

The CSAAA and CSSA Boards of Directors voted late last week to raise and contribute funding to a legal defence fund to make this legal action possible

For more information on how you can help, visit http://cssa-cila.org/ or direct link here.

[Scrap C-68] Case Update: Our Home is being Returned to Us!

August 8, 2016

Dear Supporters:

This has been a really long haul for us but the crown has finally dropped their civil forfeiture case against us and have dropped their lean against our home.

It's a shame that the crown has taken so long to drop this case that should have never been started in the first place! BUT I guess when you have civil servants that are not held accountable that's what you get.

My thanks to all of you who supported us with your expertise, money and prayers. I would also like to thank the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) which has been representing us since our lawyer Doug Christie died. The CCF has been very good to us and has been working diligently on our case pro bono! They definitely deserve financial support for all the hard work they are doing for average Canadians like you and me who have our rights violated. Please consider donating to them at their website at "http://theccf.ca/" .

Yours in Liberty,

Bruce & Donna.

Thorold Council Meeting regarding firearm discharge by-law

First we want to extend a big "Thank You" to everyone who showed up to the Thorold town council meeting to oppose the proposed firearm discharge by-law in Thorold.

Despite only a few hours notice we were able to mobilize about 50 people to attend the meeting and it certainly got the attention of the Councillors.

The motion to pass the by-law has been deferred indefinitely.

Liberals to let RCMP classify firearms

Mounties will once again have final authority over the classification of firearms, the Liberal government says, reversing legislative changes made by the Conservatives allowing Cabinet to override RCMP decisions. Full story ..click here

RCMP re-visits banning some more civilian firearms

RCMP is once again re-visiting the consideration of banning more everyday rifles from law-abiding citizens.

11 rifles and 1 pistol has been found by the RCMP as no longer suitable for the law-abiding citizen. So that's what the Liberal Gun policy means when they say, 'taking guns off our streets'. They refer to law-abiding citizens as 'the streets'. To any normal person, it sounds like a reference to criminals when stating 'the streets' but not to the Feds or RCMP.

We, the law-abiding citizens, have been painted with the same brush as the criminals. More on this story, ...click here 'http://www.therebel.media/legal_gun_owners_in_rcmp_s_crosshairs_mounties_liberals' .

Original CBC report can be found here. ...it is of no surprise the CBC was the first out of the gate to report this, since it is a left-wing news station funded greatly by the Liberal party.

Note how the CBC article uses a heading picture of RCMPs holding a coffin. What are they trying to imply? Talk about anti-gun propoganda.

Public Safety is affected by mentally deranged individuals or orginized crime trickling down to little gangsters shooting each other in Toronto over drugs or money, not by law-abiding firearm owners. We have no association with such aspects of society.

Altering any firearm from its original manufacturing is a crime and results in jail time invoking the individuals PAL and furthermore, preventing that individual from obtaining another PAL and/or firearm(s).

Short, medium and long distance shooting is a fun sport. Many different firearms are used in these sports including military and paramilitary firearms. Individuals involved in these sports are working class people that pay taxes, raise families and are an asset to society.

From a public safety perspective, banning a firearm from a law-abiding citizen is like castrating yourself cause your neighbour is having too many kids.

OPP Commissisioner wants to bring the gun registry back

A deputy commissioner of the OPP is applauding Quebec's plan for a provincial firearms registry and says Ontario - or the federal government - should consider following suit ...full story .

Kathleen Wynne wants guns out of Ontario

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne wants guns out of Ontario....click here for details.

Within letter, scroll down to 'Focusing on Policing and Public Safety' of the letter presented, 6th bullet 'Continuing to develop measures... last modified September, 2014

News letters regarding RCMP ban and Commom Sense Proposal

The proposal from the law abiding citizens vs what was presented in the house of commons differs. Check back for more details. last modified October 12th, 2014

More online news letters have been posted. Some interesting topics, including RCMP ban of Swiss Arms and the VZ CZ858. It also includes the 'Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act' proposal. Previous versions are accessible through the link on the left 'Archived information'.

A downloadable petition regarding the 'Common Sense Proposal' to the House of Commons is available here. Get signatures and send to the address at the top; no postage stamp required.

Count the Bullets contest winner of the Feb gun show

....the closest guess for the Feb gun show without going over was by Ted W.

Count the Bullets contest winner of the April gun show

....the closest guess for the April gun show without going over was by Alistair K. & Robert V.

Meeting Schedule

In the December 2012 newsletter we indicated that we were scaling operations back a little to give our Executive a rest. Just to give you an idea of what has been going on behind the scenes, with the exception of Christmas holidays and the month of July the TSCON Executive has met weekly for the past eighteen years. This has taken an extraordinary amount of effort and time on the part of the Executive members and with a friendlier government in power for the next couple of years we hope that the situation on the firearm front will be more stable and require less continuous scrutiny than has previously been required. For that reason, we will now meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month plus extra nights when the only activity will be assembly of the current newsletter.

As usual, TSCON members are welcome to join us at any Executive meeting. For your information on the complete schedule for 2017, ...click here

NRPRC Update

Niagara Regional Police Revolver Club has been saved. The new name is 'Decew Gun Club'. Get your membership today! Contact information will be posted soon regarding membership contact. last modified June, 2014

Niagara Regional Police Revolver Club update....click here for more information. last modified January, 2013

Bruce Montague

"Liberal Government Wants to Seize Montague's Home and Assets"...click here

Who are we?

In November of 1994 a group of concerned gun owners from the Niagara area organized a meeting in the basement of a St. Catharines restaurant. Turnout exceeded our expectations. Over 400 people were in attendance. Following the meeting several people stayed behind to discuss what more could be done to fight for the rights of gun owners in the Niagara Peninsula.

Another rally was planned for January 1995. Again turnout was more than expected. Over 2,000 people crowded into the hall, and hundreds more were turned away at the door due to lack of space.

Following the second meeting, organizers decided it would be prudent to create a permanent structure to organize rallies, lobby local politicians and co-ordinate pro-gun activities in the Niagara area. This structure is now the Sporting Clubs of Niagara.

Since then we have:

  • Made a presentation to the Niagara Regional Council which helped prevent to passage of an anti-gun policy statement.
  • Made a presentation to Niagara Falls City Council which helped stop a proposal to further limit hunting areas.
  • Co-ordinated a letter writing campaign to the Senate.
  • Made a presentation to the Police Services Board to counter an anti-gun article written by then Deputy Chief Frank Parkhouse.
  • Organized over forty gun shows.
  • Brought prominent pro-gun speakers into the Niagara area.
  • Maintained contact with sympathetic MPP's and MP's.
  • Written numerous pro-gun "Letters to the Editor" in local and national newspapers.
  • Published a quarterly newsletter which reaches over 5,000 households in and around the Niagara area.
  • Co-ordinated a "Sea of Green" program which placed over one thousand "Remember Bill C-68 when you Vote" signs around the Niagara Peninsula during the 1997, 2000, and 2004 election campaigns.
  • Ran a series of ads in nearly every newspaper in the Niagara Peninsula, detailing the provisions of C-68 and the despotic tendencies of the Liberal Party.

Gun show dates and location

The Sporting Clubs of Niagara gun shows are held at the Merritton Community Centre, 7 Park Ave. St. Catharines. Click here for map. Gun shows dates scheduled for 2018 are as follows: Feb 23, May 4, Sept 7, Dec 14. All shows run Friday evening from 6 PM till 9:30 PM. For information or table reservations call Gerry at 905-685-4480.

Monthly Meetings

The Sporting Clubs of Niagara holds meetings at the St. Catharines Game and Fish building (next to the boat ramp) on Lighthouse Road in Port Dalhousie. The time is 7 PM, Wednesdays. Please check the schedule for the 2016 meeting times. Members and non-members alike are welcome to attend.

Contact Information

General 905-685-4480

Gun Show 905-685-4480

FAX 905-562-8261

Web Admin: email web@thesportingclubsofniagara.com

TSCON Box 21047
St. Catharines, ON
L2M 7X2

Right to Silence Cards

We continue to hear horror stories of police abusing their powers when dealing with firearm owners, including one incident where a police officer parked outside a gun club and pulled over a member leaving the club for no reason except that there might be firearms in the car (after all it was a GUN club). Our laminated wallet-sized cards declare your right to remain silent and your right to ask for a lawyer when it appears the police are overstepping their authority and questioning you in dubious circumstances. These cards are proving extremely popular (which is a little scary when you think of it). We are only asking for $1 per card to defray the cost of production. If you want cards mailed to you please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request. More info on this is on our website in archived copies of newsletter Vol. 11 #4 and Vol. 12 #1.

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